Many foods contain compounds that offer additional, special health advantages. Grapevines and grapes are well known for containing powerful health properties and disease-fighting benefits owing to the anti-oxidant properties of the polyphenols, resveratrol and anthocyanins, which they contain.

Polyphenols occur in red wine and are believed to protect against the incidence of coronary heart disease in diets rich in saturated fats, a phenomenon known as “The French Paradox”. Polyphenols are used in diet products, sports nutrition, antioxidant and cardio-vascular preparations.

Certain polyphenols are used in cosmetics for their anti-ageing properties and to protect against the effects of the sun on skin.

Resveratrol is a well-known plant extract with powerful antioxidant effects. Resveratrol can be derived from many different plants. Ours is made from grapevine shoots, which produce one of the most effective and potent forms of Resveratrol. It helps to protect against coronary disease, tumours, and DNA damage. Studies suggest it is useful in combating obesity and ageing.

Products from Grapes and the Vine

Anthocyanin – natural pigment derived from grape skins with powerful antioxidant effects.

Polyphenols – natural grape antioxidants, helpful in fighting disease and inhibiting ageing.

Alcohol-free Red Wine Extract – contains at least 95% polyphenols.

Vineatrol® - grapevine resveratrol.

Resveratrox® - grapevine resveratrol oligomers used as in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle preparations.

Viniferol® - grapevine epsilon-viniferin for slimming aids and anti-cellulite products.

Vitisin® - skin-lightening ingredient derived from grapevine root vitisins.

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