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Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry

The Dairy Industry has long used phosphates as emulsifiers, pH regulators and stabilisers in block, sliced, and spreadable cheese. Additional applications are meltable cheese for toppings, and analogue cheese.

Phosphates help improve melting characteristics, texture, and enhance physical properties. They can be used on their own or blended with Citrates. Our partners, Fosfa, make blends of both phosphates, and phosphates and citrates, which are sold under the Cremasal® and Syrofos® labels.

Other phosphates are used in the production of non-dairy creamers and coffee whiteners, plant-based milk alternatives, evaporated, condensed and dried milks, and for stabilising UHT and condensed milk.

Animal-free cheese-style and other dairy-style products can be produced using solutions developed by our partners, Konserval-Pharmacon GmbH.

Speciality waxes are available for the cheese industry as is low sodium salt.


Syrofos® Salts - for processed cheese.

Dipotassium Phosphate Anhydrous (DKP A FG) - for plant-based milk.

FDP-5 - for UHT and condensed milk.

Cremasal® Salts - for processed cheese.

Disodium Phosphate Anhydrous (DSP A FG) - emulsifier for processed cheese.

Binders, stabilisers and thickeners

Soft cheese-style and mozzarella-style products, some of which are “clean-label”, for the vegan market.

Vega-Cheez FCC-Clean - for soft-cheese style.

Vega-Cheez Mz-P - for mozzarella-style cheese.

Vega-Cheez FK - for soft-cheese style.

Vega-Cheez Mz-A - for mozzarella-style cheese.


Purogan GE-50 - for frothy, mousse-like cream desserts, pectin-based, creamy mouthfeel, can replace gelatine and stabilise cream during and after whipping.

Purogan GE-PN - for cream fillings, cakes and cream tarts, pectin-based, contains dietary fibres, good mouthfeel, prevents syneresis, freeze-thaw stable.

Vegan Cream

Purogan VC - for producing vegan whipping and cooking cream, based on an emulsifier and dietary fibres, high over-run, high froth stability, creamy, pleasant mouthfeel.


For Processed Cheese, as an Anti-caking Agent in Grated Cheese and for Acidified Products, Spreads, and Ready-to-eat Desserts.

Wheat Fibre (gluten-free)

Bamboo Fibre

Apple Fibre

Chokeberry Fibre


Oat Fibre

Sugar Cane Fibre

Citrus Fibre

Cocoa Fibre


Products for the Dairy Industry

Low Sodium Salt for salt reduction.

Wax for wrapping natural cheese.

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