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In the UK and Ireland we represent Fosfa a.s. and their German subsidiary, Omnisal GmbH., manufacturers of Puron®, Tetron®, Tetrakal® and Kalipol®, for their ranges of thermal grade orthophosphates and functional phosphate blends for food and beverages.

We supply Natural L(+) Tartaric Acid and Cream of Tartar for the food industry from TartricMed SA, a subsidiary of the UDM Group in France, and speciality anti-oxidants and enzymatic inhibitors for fresh fruit and vegetables manufactured by Konserval-Pharmacon GmbH in Germany. 

We also partner Actichem SA, based in Montauban in France, for their range of resveratrol-based products including Vineatrol®, Reveratrox®, Viniferol® and Vitisin®